All Mountain

The All Mountain Championship will test the boundaries of racer’s abilities. Racers will compete in both the XC and the Enduro courses on the same bike with the same parts. The All Mountain category will be based on a point system. King and Queen of the Mountain awards are given to the top man and woman.


Cost: $140 - No day of race registration

There will be a bike check each day to confirm the same bike is ridden at each race.

All all-mountain racers are being timed for both overall (i.e., start to finish times) and separately for stages ON BOTH DAYS with points awarded for each (except for beginner AM, which will only be racing for overall time on Saturday).


Ranking for overall time + rank for DH times = AM points.

Riders MUST pull over when caught on DH stages both days as we will not be doing staggered starts at the top of stages. Failure to pull over for a passing rider on a DH stage is a DQ.

All Mountain Classes include (awards 3 deep):

  • Pro Men

  • Pro Women

  • Single Speed Men

  • Single Speed Women

  • Cat I – Expert Men

  • Cat I – Expert Women

  • Cat II – Sport Men

  • Cat II – Sport Women

  • Cat III – Beginner Men

  • Cat III – Beginner Women

  • Junior Boys

  • Junior Girls

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